Confer A frame ladder is an algea farm - will drilling more holes hurt/help?


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Jun 29, 2014
Pittsburgh pa
We have a confer A frame ladder with the raisable, lockable steps. The steps have two holes on top - so water get in but doesn't flow. It also doesn't come back out when removed from the pool at the end of the season. We just completely took the ladder apart and have been soaking in bleach water to try to clean it. (We are just getting a pool up for this year but have had the ladder for 6 years now)

It's also SO hard to get out of the pool at the end of the season since it won't drain.

Has anyone drilled extra holes to allow for better flow and drying at the end of the season? I can't understand why they would design a pool ladder this way. I keep reading it's not the ladder, it's your water - but I don't know how much the water chemistry matters when the water can't circulate.

I'm considering replacing it with a vinylworks ladder that doesn't trap water the same way but the reviews on that are pretty hit or miss.