Combined Chlorine - post-slam if it rises?


May 5, 2020
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We have been SLAMming since Thursday of last week. Pool is clear. Have not passed OCLT. Combined Chlorine at most has been .5 or less.

Couple of questions:

1) Once slamming is over (hopefully I will see the end of of this tunnel), how often should you test your pool chemistry?
2) once slam is over, is it normal that there will be some combined chlorine in the pool that is .5-1? If it becomes 1 or above, do you need to slam? I am just imagining that when people (hopefully) get to swim in it, and with rain and leaves, pollen, the normal trappings of the outside world, that combined chlorine will rise. Do you then have to slam?
3) How often should I be vacuuming and brushing the pool after the slam, I do it everyday, and I am sure I will feel compelled to vaccum every day (manual vacuuming which is not the most fun), but just curious?

Thanks for all the assistance!


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May 3, 2014
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Have to be honest, I have rarely tested CC. If the water is crystal clear and sparkles, no reason to suspect anything. If you do suspect an issue, then a CC above 1 does mean you most likely need to SLAM, but wait a few hours with sun on the pool and test again as it may go away.

You should brush at least weekly and vac as needed. This is where a robot comes in handy. Pretty much does both those things for you!
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