Color of CL test has turned orange


Jun 28, 2010
After the pool being out of commission for 2 1/2 weeks, because of pump and a leaky filter, We finally installed a new Pentair pump and filter. Thanks to this board. :goodjob:

While installing the system, We noticed the water was turning to a greenish, yellow color and also saw algae buildup on the side of the pool. So I decided to add 4, 1lb. bags of shock to the pool. About a day after that, we started running the system and getting it balanced to a PH=8.2, CL=4 and BR=8. I added 1/2 gal of acid to the pool. Next day the levels became CL=2.5, BR=5 and pH=7.5.

Now it was time to clean the pool. While vacuuming, I noticed very dark spots at bottom of the pool, and I figured it was black algae. I started brushing them but they would not go away.

I went to the local pool store, with a scraped sample of the black spots. They confirmed that it was black algae. and they suggested to spread this product called Algi-Ban, and after about 2 hours to wire brush the infested area.
After brushing the black spots, the color of spots turned into a 30% shade of what it was before. It seemed that they were going away.

Today as I'm doing a CL level test the color of test has turned into an orange color. CL=Orange and pH=7.1

What did I do wrong? Why Orange? :roll:


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Jan 6, 2010
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Safety Orange on that tester means somewhere around 18ppm chlorine.

I bet that algae killer stuff was just powdered shock. Give it a couple days and FC will come down, then you can test pH accurately. Right now FC is so high your pH reading is useless.


I'm not sure how accurate the pH test will be with that big crack through the reservoir :shock:


I hate when I go to check my pH and the test water drips all over :oops:


simicrintz said:
I hate when I go to check my pH and the test water drips all over :oops:
Thats the beer drooling from your chin... :whoot:

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