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Jul 28, 2011
St. John's, Newfoundland
That's a cool story! This site is awesome. I have 2 friends with pools that just refuse to use the TFP method. They have issues every season. And the hardest blow to one Dad was when his son jumped into my pool and shouted "THIS IS THE BEST WATER EVER!!". I could see his father wasn't too happy. He asked how often I "shock" my pool. I said never. He insists I'll have trouble, as he shocks his at least once a month - yeah, shocks, as in throw in a couple of bottles of shock and that's it. When my daughter's swim in his pool they hate the water. It stings their eyes, and it's "hard" water. But this particular Dad is a bit stubborn, and his way has to be the best way. I converted one friend a couple of years ago. He gave me a TF-100 test kit for Christmas last year!! He said I saved him 10 times that amount in pool store supplies!! His biggest joy is that his pool doesn't consume his time with maintenance. (Geez, I'm rambling now). Another neighbor 2 doors away came to me when he bought a new intex pool. I got him on the TFP method right off the bat! He's loving it, and it's the same story. His pool owner friends are envious of his water quality. Enough rambling. Slack day at work!!!



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Jul 17, 2007
Hillsborough, NC
My pool has been open a little less than 2 weeks - new setup for us. We had some people over on Sunday and one of them wanted to know how I kept the pool so clean. I showed him my chemical stash - bleach, some pH up and down that came with the pool (used), and some left over CYA and CH increaser from startup. He wanted to know where the shock, algaecide, etc was. I told him I don't use any, never needed it. He ordered a TF-100 Monday and is thinking of converting to SWG. After he gets the kit we'll start balancing his water.