Choosing elements for a simple IG pool in North Phx


Jun 14, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ
Hi there, I sold my old home of 8 years where I had my pool in pristine shape and am undertaking a full from-scratch yard build on a new house. I've been in contact with several PB's and am trying to work out what I need and what is superfluous. Also a sanity check on making sure I am not doing anything stupid

Here is what I am looking for:
11k-13k gallon IG play pool
- Large baja step
- Pop-up cleaning system
- 24" of coping around the pool and then grass

Areas where I am unsure:
- (everything is Pentair) What is the point of having an Easytouch controller and screenlogic for a VS pump and intellichlor (which have integrated controls) vs just old-school mechanical timers or even a simple digital timer?
- Pop-ups one PB uses PCC2000 and another uses PV3. My parents have a PCC2000 (they love) that I have done some maint on and replaced heads and I got to play with a PV3 pop-up and can see the benefit of not having the springs or ratchets in it.

This is the general look of what we're going for:

Thoughts? Advice?


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
Personally I would lose the pop ups. A robot is so much more efficient and cleans far better.

You can do a simple pump and SWCG without automation. You do need to have something that will remove the power from the SWCG when the pump is not running. That can be a timer, or some manufacturers pumps have a 5V relay in them to do it. Not Pentair or Hayward. Maybe Jandy, and some in house brands like Pureline or Circupool.

Will the grass be artificial grass?


Jun 14, 2013
Scottsdale, AZ
I looked at the robots, but I am stuck on needing to put it in the pool and take it out of the pool and store it being a nonstarter. If it could hop in, do its thing and then climb out and go home I would be all about it. I had a poolvac at the old house and while it kept things pretty clean, I hate having it sitting in the pool.

At the last home, the same timer powered both the pump and the SWG and that seemed to work ok. But that was a single speed pump and a different salt system.

The grass will be midiron bermuda in the summer and rye in the winter.
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Nov 7, 2007
We had our 11,000 gallon playpool installed by Paddock 20 years ago, and chose the PCC2000 system with its own pump, and the FNS60 DE filter. I still call it the best $2K I've ever spent! Paramount is still honoring their lifetime warranty on the nozzles, although I've only needed to replace 3 out of 12 in 20 years! I love looking at the pool without seeing some hosed monstrosity traveling the pool floor! Go with the PCC2000, it'll change your life!