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We recently refinished our pool in November and are looking to better balance our water. I have purchased the pool math calc...and entered these results.

We were using chlorine tablets w stabilizer and realize this is likely the source of the high stabilizer. We have been using In the Swim Cal/Hypo 65% granular shock. Liquid Muriatic Acid 29% for pH and Baking Soda for alkalinity.

Any advice would be appreciated on addressing the stabilizer and phosphates. Also, if there are better recommendations for alternate products. We have just continued to use the products the previous owners used.

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Welcome! :wave: So here is what I would recommend:
1 - Pull the plug on the store testing. It will fail you. Get your own TF-100 (link in my signature) or Taylor K-2006C test kit. That's priority #1.
2 - Update your signature with all of your pool and equipment info. That will drive the replies you receive, one example being salt versus non-salt pool.
3 - I would definitely stop using any pucks, Cal-Hypo, or any other pool store bags of shock. Switch to liquid chlorine (or regular/plain bleach - same thing) to increase and maintain your FC level.
4 - Remember that our FC needs to be balanced to the current CYA as noted on the FC/CYA Chart. Problem is those store tests are very often flawed, so be sure to do your own testing.
5 - PH is an easy test, so you do want to keep that one lower in the upper 7 range. But other than that and the FC, I wouldn't do any other drastic chemical changes until you get your own proper test kit. It's just that important and will save you headaches later.

Hope that helps.

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