CH Level for 6 Month Old Pebble Pool

Jul 27, 2017
Fulshear, TX
My recent test readings are shown below. The pool is approximately 6 months old; my setup is shown in my signature.
  • FC: 4
  • pH: 7.8
  • TA: 70
  • CH: 225
  • CYA: 30

My CH was consistently reading 250 for several months; I suspect that recent rains and pool use have displaced water thus dropping CH.
What product do you recommend to increase CH? In the past, I used a Chlorox calcium hardness increaser (5lbs for $10).

On a side note: My pH still has a tendency to rise; I assume this is due to spa spillover that runs when the pool circulates. Therefore, I typically need to add approx. 2 cups of muratic acid per week. The TA was fairly consistent at 70 until recently when it dropped to 50; I assume this was due to heavy rain and pool use displacing water; I added some baking soda last weekend to bring it back up to 70.

Does the fact this is a relatively 'new' pool with pebbletec (sheen) have an impact on CH, TA, or pH? If so, what is the typical impact and why?


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Apr 1, 2007
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There is a natural tendency for your CH to rise in your pool. I would leave it alone and test in about 30 days......I bet you are back to 250+ which is perfectly safe.