Capacity sand filter intex 56681EG SWCG/filter/2650gph pump


Jul 13, 2015
Suffield, CT
So I am finally going to replace the sand in my intex sand filter after filling in 2013. Didn't use for a year or two so sand has 5-6 season on it and probably could use replacement. I struggle to get pool crystal clear at the beginning of the season and feel new sand could help. I also only net pool in fall so does tend to get some Crud in it. 30x15x4 oval AGP. And I was also only at 2000ppm salt for first 3 weeks running pump so was likely not producing enough chlorine. I added 80lbs salt and should be up above 3000ppm now. Pool is fairly clear at this point just a slight cloudiness to it. Usually it clears up and don't have to do anything. Maybe this your will need to add a little something along with replacing sand to get perfect. I have test kit but never really use it.

Main question and reason for post is how much sand should I add? Namco sells 50lb bags for $12 here in CT so will 100lb be good? IDK if should be 120lb or more so I should get 3 bags or if 100lb is sufficient.

It is a 16in sand filter. Some 16in intex sand filters call for 100lbs some call for 120lbs.

Intex has never had manual for this unit online and not able to get thru when call.

Unit has worked fairly well for me other than having to fix the SWCG electrode plates plastic holder that broke allowing plates to touch:

Pump also seems a bit underpowered as vacuum struggles to create enough suction. That could also be sand issue I assume, or junk lady bug vacuum.

Only other issue I have with it is the tree pollen dongles that fall in the pool suck thru the pool skimmer basket and pump skimmer basket then clog in the screen after pump so I constantly have to remove that part of the pipe and clean them out. Takes 2 minutes but when vacuuming them up can clog up ever two minutes so sort of a PITA.


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Jan 24, 2017
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. I have test kit but never really use it.
That is problem #1, which kit do you have? Test Kits Compared.

Sand is a million years old, no need to change it, you might need a Deep Cleaning of a sand filter unless you have used Clarifiers or Flocculants, in that case go ahead and change it. After this check for filter pressure. The sand filter should be filled around 3/4 of the way up, no need to be exact.

You also need to read ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry this will help you understand better how to keep your pool. Check