Can't maintain FC post Baquacil conversion


Jun 1, 2020
Nashua, NH
Perfect, thanks i'll do the 15ppm when the time comes. Sock method sounds good to me, i'll try that. I still have some granular from the last go around that I will use.


Jun 1, 2020
Nashua, NH
Looks like a successful overnight test! Was 15FC at 7pm and 14.5FC AT 7AM. It looks like in the directions it states now would be the time to change the media. I know you had said to do a deep clean since i had already changed the sand twice during the first process (pre-drain), which i did while the pool was refilling. Do you recommend doing another one or backwashing? Then the next step should be to add the stabilizer. So i should be all set to go ahead with the sock method? I'm a little anxious with the stabilizer since I don't want to add it too early with the troubles i had last time! :) Looks like i'll need 1.8lbs of dry stabilizer to bring it up 15 ppm.

Also just want to make sure i do this part right. While adding the 15ppm dry stabilizer i should try to keep the FC at 15ppm until i see two days with CC of 0.5 or less?
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May 23, 2015
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Give the sand a good backwash and rinse. I suspect the filter is very clean since the sand is new and you did not have a huge load of solids filtered by it. The media change is required during the standard conversion process because the baqua-goop is so thick and sticky that it just fouls up the media. You should be good.

Add the sock with the 15ppm CYA and give it time to circulate and dissolve. Like I said, knead it’s occasionally to help it dissolve and give the pool 24 hours to mix. Brushing around and granules that fall to the surface helps. After you place the sock, get the chlorine up to 15ppm and home it there as best you can. It’s going to take time for the CYA to dissolve so you’ve got a couple of days of FC/CC testing and chlorine dosing ahead of you. Wait until the CYA is all gone before you test for it.

My guess is that you’re in the home stretch now. Good luck!
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