Can't get FCC up


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Jul 8, 2012
I live in Indiana
16 x 32 ft pool with 10' deep end about 30000 gal

All readings with a tf-100 test kit received on 7/7/2012

Pool is now clear

7/7 readings
Ph 6.8
Cc 3
FC .5
Ta 140
Cya 20
2pucks of chlorine in skimmer

Based on this and the pool calculated I added 8 gal of 10%liquid chl
230 oz of borax
4lbs of cya

7/8 readings
Ph 6.8
Cc 2.0
FC 1.0
Ta 200
Cya 50

My concern is the ph didn't move and I have struggled with chlorine all summer - what am I doing wrong. :-(


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

The standard PH test will report any PH below 6.8 as if it was 6.8. Your starting PH may have been much lower than 6.8. Continue adding borax until the PH comes up to at least 7.2. One thing to double check before you go too far is to make sure your PH test is working correctly. Try measuring the PH of your tap water, which is very likely to be above 6.8.

Your elevated CC level suggests something is going on. [shock:2fcdaw4m]The solution is to continue shocking the pool.[/shock:2fcdaw4m] Just make sure you get the PH in range first.