Can I close tomorrow with polyquat if FC is 14?


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Oct 17, 2018
Southern Kentucky
My pool closing is tomorrow and FC has only gone down to 14, which is 4 ppms above 1/2 shock with a CYA of 50. Water temperature isn’t below 60 yet and I have a mesh cover so I really wanted to use it. I was planning on adding it tonight. Will it still be effective if I add it or would I be better off closing without it? If I used it, should I add it at a higher dose than usual since some of it might get broken down by the chlorine? According to the label, the maximum dose for clean pools is 11 oz/10000 gallons but the maximum dose if you have visible algae is 16 oz/10000 gallons. I usually use the lower clean pool dose but I could add more if it would be more effective. I can also just skip it if it isn’t going to help since I know that it will lower my chlorine levels.
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