Calling all CircuPool RJ series owners, need you real world experiences


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Mar 21, 2016
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The small "fizzing" bubbles in the clear part of the housing? Yes, that is a good way to glance and know it is generating chlorine (and the Generating Light on the control panel will be on).

I always smile when I see the small bubbles in the cell.

Everybody is making me nervous :) I just installed my edge several weeks ago.

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It's easy to over-analyze things when we're talking about a decent investment in $$$$. I admit I have been doing the same in typical TFP (OCD) fashion. :hammer: But in my case, I've realized the following:
- With my RJ-45 previously set to 30% running 24/7, I expect ~ 4 ppm of FC
- My daily FC usage is lower than that; right now; about 1-2 ppm
- The past couple days I did see a slight increase in my FC, which supports a 24 hr output of 4 ppm but lower consumption rate.
- I'll admit, my first few FC tests this week have been a bit hasty (old habits), so there may be a slight margin for error; I'll watch more closely the next few days for better comparison.
- Because my work schedule has been wacky, I tested my FC at varied times which didn't help for comparisons.
- I also haven't quite hit my ideal CYA target (70); still creeping-up on that with more stabilizer added today.

So today, I lowered my SWG output to 20% with an expected 24-hr FC return of ~ 2.7. More than I should need right now since my water temp dropped, but I'll try that for a few days to see how it holds. With liquid chlorine and my dosage amount, my FC was extremely predictable. I expect that to happen with my RJ-45 once I get consistent with FC testing and reach my CYA goal of 70 for evaluation purposes.


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Oct 6, 2018
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Updates to my original post;
  1. Did official OCLT and passed with flying colors; no CL loss overnight, no CCs. Pump nor SWG running that night of test. So as suspected by my multiple periodic testing, my water is about as good as it gets (phosphates are 200 as previously described). Other chem number in my original post still the same, except FC at 7 at time of test.
  2. The RJ45+ is producing CL, but I am not yet convinced that the amount of CL being produced is as advertised. I did an OCLT with the pump and SWG running. Start of test FC=5, RJ45 ran for 7hrs, 30% generation, water temp at beginning per RJ45 was 71.6 and water temp at finish 68.9 (nights are still cool here in Vegas). Crack of dawn result test showed FC of 6. Pool Math said should have produce 2 FC. Most might say close enough but if you couldn't tell already like, Pat above, I am OCD so I wanted to see FC gain 2 not 1.
  3. Less important the RJ45 salt is measuring 500 ppm below with the k-1766 (3300 for RJ45 and 3800 for k1766). Seems like this is the expected low reading of the RJ45
Conclusions (so far):
The RJ45 is definitely producing CL. However I am still not convinced yet that it's producing CL at the rate the RJ45 is supposed to for my pool variables. I am guessing / hoping at this point that water temperature is playing a role. At 70 degrees water and above I think the RJ45 is more likely to produce as advertised based on my many tests/measurements. (Note, CircuPool seems to suggest more like 65 ish is the minimum water temp for advertised performance) Also I am taking water temp measurements from 3 different devices so pretty confident the RJ45 water temp reading is within 1 or 2 degrees.

Also it appears people who bought Circupool SWGs last year or prior are happy with the performance. Appears that us folks who bought this year are getting various levels of performance per advertised capabilities.

I'll post again with additional test results, weather next week should have the water temp well into the 70s.

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Mar 15, 2019
I agree that water temp is a bit low. It’s certainly not under 60, but it is still pretty cold and low water temp can affect the output. I might wait a little while until the water is well into the 70’s and repeat your test.

Additionally, when you did the chlorine tests, did you use a 10ml sample or a 25ml sample. I might suggest using a 25ml sample for this which will reduce the margin of error and also give better resolution on the reading.

Finally, how confident are you in that 9k gal number? If you actually have more water in the pool than you think then it could be that your FC will go up by less than you expect. When you use poolmath for other chemical additions do they seem accurate or are they a bit low as well?