Cabana/shed whatever you call it.


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Mar 28, 2007
Thats my next project. I don't really have plans other than whats in my mind. Google "tiki bar" and you will find plenty of ideas for I am thinking. Kinda my own private beach bar.



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Apr 4, 2007
SW Indiana
I just built a building based on this concept:

Mine has a 12X16 screened room, 8X8 bathroom and 4X8 filter and storage room. It will also have a loft over the bathroom for winter storage and for bulky things like the safety cover during the summer.

We wanted the screened area for dining and shade because we live on a farm and have many flies. Also gives us someplace we can sit at night with lights on and not be overwhelmed with bugs. We poured a concrete floor and used vinyl siding for ours. I'll post pictures when I get caught up with the plumbing and trenching and wiring and fence building and...... :( so the place doesn't look so much like a war zone.


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Mar 29, 2007
Southwestern Ontario
We used

Great service and great quality. We chose a solid stained fir sided with cedar roof model. Lots of options to choose from to make it fit into your project. They were local to us so they came and installed everything. Not sure how a kit would work out but, it took them a couple hours to install ours.


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Mar 29, 2007
Ontario, Canada
Cool, thanks for the link. Those look great, I also found another place called Northern Sheds. They are a little more rustic looking and a little cheaper overall. At this point it is step 52 in our backyard plan, we are currently on step 20 ;-)