Buying pool chemicals


Jun 26, 2019
Toledo, OH
If available, you should buy Pool Shock at Menards before the end of this week as it is Buy One, Get One free through 7/6/19 and stronger concentrate than laundry bleach and less expensive.

FYI, I just checked the Toledo North store and it shows that have around 250 gallons in stock. Other stores appear to have quite a bit more.
Of course I just saw this...too late. Thanks though, I’ll keep my eye out for the next sale.


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Jul 6, 2017
Kinston, NC
I happened upon this thread while searching for CALCIUM CHLORIDE.
@Steve_in_C (or anyone else) can you tell me the exact CALCIUM CHLORIDE to get? Wal-Mart has quite a few to choose from.... any suggestions? I need to add quite a bit according to PoolMath.

Thank you!

Don't buy the blend. Buy the Calcium chloride crystals (first choice) : no mangesium or other metals.


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Oct 5, 2010
I have a “The Great Escape close to my house and because everything is way overpriced I never buy anything there other than my DE.
However when I was in there today stocking up on DE I noticed 4 gallon packs of pool bleach 12.5% and discovered they were $14.99.
Not super cheap but at $3.75 it is equal to $1.88 a gallon for the normal Walmart/grocery store 6% stuff and more convenient!
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