Building Fiberglass, saltwater pool - what do I need?


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Jun 22, 2019
Currently in the middle of a build. Hoping to be done with the project in one month.

I want to be completely independent of the pool company by the time the pool is open (independence meaning with the help of the TFP crew)!

I’ve ordered TF-100. What else do I need (chemicals to open, cleaning supplies, etc.)? Project details in my signature.

Thanks in advance!


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
I'm going to assume the PB is providing the initial dose of salt? Usually the PB provides a pole, brush and net too.

You'll need the K-1766 Salt Test Kit ( )
One gallon Muriatic Acid
One gallon Liquid Chlorine
One or two jugs stabilizer CYA granules
One or two floatie toys to enjoy in the water :)

You can buy all you chemicals at Lowes or Home Depot usually. Don't buy "Ph Decreaser" as it contains sulphates which are not friendly to SWGs. Use Muriatic Acid instead (cautiously)-find in paint section of Lowes.

You will take your fresh fill water up to desired FC level using liquid chlorine first, then you let the SWG *maintain* that.

That's about all.....unless you later need to tweak some chemical. If you need anything else buy it then. No need to buy it just in case and then have to store it.

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