Best Place To Purchase Pool Equipment


Jul 25, 2020
Philadelphia PA
Hi Forum,

Doing research for an in-ground vinyl pool build for next year. So with the pool builders they all include equipment in their quotes of course. My question, do you believe it is better for me to purchase the equipment myself online? Perhaps i can find a better price for the sand filter, variable speed bump, BTU heater, automation system, etc? Do you think this is a foolish idea, if not can you suggest some online retailers with the best prices?


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May 3, 2019
You'll definitely find better prices online, but the caveat is that unless the equipment is professionally installed you'll have minimal warranty.


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Jun 5, 2016
Martinez, CA
I always get separate bids for equipment whenever I’m going to contract with someone so I can figure put the contractors cost and proposed profit. It’s called “should cost modeling”. negotiated losts of multi-million dollar contr back in the old O&G days. I’d try sunplay and see ifmthey will give you a packaged deal discount.