Best cement for brownstone coping


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Jul 9, 2009
My pool is 6 years old. It has 58 pieces of 18-24" brownstone coping. Only a couple years after install, the grout started showing separation from the stone between joints... and a few year ago pieces started falling out. The last couple years I have seen a number of coping pieces coming loose also... always the cement coping bond... ie. the cement is still on the beam and clean break from coping face. I am not sure what my pool builder used, but I am sure it was the cheapest stuff he could find. About 25% of grout joints have fallen out... about 20 out of 58 pieces of brownstone are loose.

I spent the extra money for UltraColor Plus grout... now looking for best product to set the stones again. I search for some threads on here about best stuff to use for this... but did not see any definitive answers, unless I missed them. I will have to remove the loose stones, clean the old cement off the beam, try not to crack any tile and redo. I am guessing that a latex modified thin set is probably much better than just a masonry mortar. I like Laticrete products for indoor stone I have done. Does anyone know what the best product is for this that will keep it's bond with the brownstone for more than just a few years?



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
Use type S mortar to lay the stones and for the gaps in between the stones. Grout is too soft to holdup between coping stones.

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Post pics of your brownstone coping you are repairing.