Barracuda MX8 having issues with PebbleTec


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Feb 23, 2021
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I have a newly remodeled pool that went from fiberglass shell to pebbel tec. My current cleaner, Barracuda MX8, is having issues with the engine assembly getting stuck. From what I have noticed it is always related to little pebbles getting stuck in the gaps around the engine assembly.
Every time this happens, I lift it out manually force to rotate, clear any obstruction and let back down. It will run for a couple of mins/seconds before getting stuck again. I replaced the engine assembly which seemed to slightly help for a while, but still getting stuck.
I see groves/scratches forming on assembly. Is this just a growing pain of pebble tec until the "loose" pebbles are all worked/cleaned through?

I can see why the mx8 is bad with small pebbles/obstructions. Am I really just better off getting a whole new cleaner? Are they actually better with pebbles?

I like the idea of the dolphin robotic version and not having suction based.

Any thoughts/help are appreciated. Thanks in advance.



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Jul 21, 2013
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I think your problem is with your pebble finish and not so much with your pool cleaner. You should not have pebbles coming loose. Loose pebbles are usually because the plasterer did too much acid washing to expose the pebbles. If you get a robot cleaner you ill likely have similar problems with loose pebbles.


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Feb 23, 2021
San Diego
Thanks for the response. I should say its not like I see a lot of pebbles and I guess given just finished there is some level of "loose" pebbles that would be left over ( though what you said could very well be true).

Just seems to me like the littlest obstructions are causing a lot of headaches.

I have a vacuum head I can connect to pole and maybe that is my best bet to try and clean it all out good before going back to my MX8?

I agree with what you said about another cleaner having the same issues but was curious with how the MX8 works it feels more susceptible to me and curious if others had any similar experience.

I'll try using the vacuum head for some good cleaning and give the MX8 another run. Thanks again