Bad section by skimmer from leak

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Feb 22, 2018
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Hello everyone

I have a 27 foot above ground pool. The previous owner did not take care of it and allowed the skimmer to leak profusely, so now I have a section where the metal is completely gone, and the liner is showing through. It is not leaking now, I had someone come out and fix the leak.

The problem is that the liner is showing through and I am worried about rough housing in the pool near the skimmer and busting it. It is a metal skeleton, and I want to know what I can do to fix the pool. I just cut the pool on for the summer, but I do not mind pumping the water out again and fixing the metal, then refilling.

What can I do in this situation? The size of the problem is a little over half a dollar bill in length, and half the width of a dollar bill. Can post pictures if needed.

Is this as easy as spraying Flex Seal over the hole? LOL!!! or Rustoleum stop rust LeakSeal?

The pool guys that came out said the pool is probably going to be replaced in less than 5 years, but previous owner said it just had a new liner, so I would like the pool to last as long as possible. I've got no money in the pool aside from a $350 leak fix, and chemicals, but I would like to have a cheap and fixed solution.

Please advise, thanks !!

All the blue you see in the bottom pictures is the liner.


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Well, I'll start the DIY comments here by saying that if it were me, I suspect I'd look at lowering the water enough so that I could get access to the rusted area from inside. Then I'd cut-out enough of the damaged area so that I had a rust-free, secure edged opening. From there, I'd look at applying a patch material made of either metal or a composite material stiff enough to withstand an occasional bump from swimmers, and the inward-to-outward water pressure at that level. Since it would be covered by the liner from the inside, I'd simply use something to "tack" the patch material to the opening (epoxy, JB Weld, etc). Being water tight shouldn't be an issue since the liner will be covering it. If I was concerned about the patch material leaving a raised edging (lip) from inside visible through the liner, I might try to blend it with some silicone, epoxy, or something. I suspect most people would never notice it from the inside though. From the outside, you'd see the cut area after removing the compromised rust area, then also see the patch material inside of it. You could just leave that, or if it was an eyesore you could do any number of cosmetic patches and touch-up just so it doesn't stand-out. The important thing is to keep the rust from getting worse and not having a weak area for water or someone's hand/foot to kick through.

Next! :)

Also, you might also checkout this link from Inyopools: Advanced Wall Repair for an Above Ground Pool

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Feb 22, 2018
Atlanta, GA
That link you posted has some good advice. I think my top question here is, is this beyond a patch repair, and more of a wall repair? Some guys on that link had great patch ideas. Whats my shot do you think at a solid patch? Id prefer not to drain the whole pool down for a wall replacement until I change the liner, but the liners in good shape so. Thoughts?

I see you are recommending me patch this. Think itll be fine?


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May 10, 2017
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The pressure at that depth is next to nothing, it's only 2 psi at the bottom. I would kiss here. My first thought is to replace the skimmer with a widemouth model but it might not be enough, so a little measuring is in order. My second thought is to take some rubber type sheeting and glue it in place on the inside of the wall. If your really worried about strength you could then take some metal and prep and glue it to the outside, but any prep work will probably flake metal away.

You can always get more aggressive later so I would wait to really touch the area untill easier things are tried.