AquaBright Ecofinish--Alternative to Acid Washing


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Jun 18, 2015
Atlanta, GA
Brian - is that the color I want? I honestly cannot remember. I'm supposed to see samples plus a few custom, but haven't yet. Cannot WAIT until we can install the AB!!


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Sep 8, 2016
Pool is open warm and good. Pool continues to be very stable. I used about a gallon and a half MA over the winter. A total of about t gal a year.

I check my my levels, empty the skimmer, empty the robot, and check my levels once a week. Maybe I adjust the SWG up or down 5% as it cooled off or warmed up. Had to switch to liquid once a week in December when it was too cold for the SWG.

A local guy with pebble tech had his water RO’ed, yet still battles high pH. Something about plaster seems to want to make the pH climb.

The Acquabright’s inherent inertness just makes it a whole level easier to remain stable with little pH demand. It may be my imagination, but the salt level seems to be climbing far slower than when I had plaster too.

Verdict after a year year and a half? Very good, and zero regrets.