Anyone know best place to sell my Pentair Rebel?


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Feb 19, 2019
North San Diego County
I just bought a Dolphin M500 because I just wasn't that impressed with the Rebel from the start. I started realizing that my Rebel was always in the deep end of the pool. I would lift it out and place it into the shallow end, it would spend about 2 minutes there before it was back in the deep end. It would climb maybe 2ft of the wall and then head down again even in the deep end. I troubleshot it with the RPMs and flow gauge. The splines on the left wheel appear to not set into the teeth of the wheel so the axel/drive shaft spins but doesn't spin the tire on that side.

Anyway, I have just ordered both left and right drive kits for it and will replace those and get it functional before selling it but I was curious if there is a better place to sell it than Craigslist? I searched Craigslist and there were no results for any pool robots or cleaners or "Pentair Rebel" so I am wondering if people would even check there.
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