Algae, followed the SLAM criteria, here's what I've done and measured (timline), still blue & cloudy


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Jun 27, 2020
Little Falls NY
Strap in and get your POP (pool owner patience) at the ready. This is the hardest part of the SLAM. Clean your filters or back wash as soon as you have a 25% pressure increase. If you can get a second set of filters if you use them. That way you don't lose filter time. Let them do their job. Keep up the FC. Also make sure you have the bottom clean as much as possible. Do the daily vac and brush. Pool socks are your friend! Especially with vaccing in the blind to clear the PoolPoo. Check my thread and you'll see I was right where you are and it does clear. This part is just the worst, but necessary. Good luck my friend!


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Jun 25, 2020
New Smyrna Beach, FL
I have the same type of pool. Daily I enjoy getting in my sparkly water after work, putting on my snorkel mask, and lowering the outside draining end of my garden hose. As soon as it hits the ground it’s draining since I keep just the length of hose I need for sucking out tiny Crud from the pool floor. I find it sooo relaxing! I don’t lose too much water, I spare my piddly filter from a lot of work and I don’t stir anything up. So much used to pass right through the fine mesh. But that was when I took my water to the pool store or used strips. It was a crazy time then! Love the learning here!
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