cloudy blue water

  1. nthnu

    Cloudy blue water

    Hi, I'm hoping to get some help and ideas on an interesting issue this season. When I started working on the pool for this season, it was a 2 ft and I was able to balance it and it was a bit cloudy blue. I filled it up and done another shock, waited and did clarifier. The blue cloudiness is...
  2. P

    Cloudy water; stained liner

    Hi, It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. I’m coming out from a huge Algae In my pool. I have finally got it cleaned up from that (I hope) and the water looks fair - is not crystal clear. I just tested and I have CC 2, FC 8.5, TOtal C 10.5, Alk 70, CH 125 and CYA 40. Is it just gonna take...
  3. M

    Algae, followed the SLAM criteria, here's what I've done and measured (timline), still blue & cloudy

    Hi there TFP folks! Name's Matt, I'm a newbie (both here on the site and as a pool owner). I've lost faith in local pool store folks, they only appear to want to sell me chemicals (and lots of em!). I've been silently following the prescribed SLAM instructions on this site. I'm an engineer and...
  4. K

    Green to Clean done but cloudy white water.

    I bought the "green murder" Green to Clean to kill the green algae. I followed the shock instructions. This is the second time ive used this product with success. Reading around here, i will try the SLAM method next time. What i have now is the white cloud. I feel like the algae is dead...
  5. M

    Is it time to SLAM?

    Bought a house that came with a neglected above ground pool (no idea how long). We purchased a new sand filter, cleaned out debris, shocked and got it to cloudy blue over the course of about a week. It has now been cloudy for over a month & 1/2 and we can not get it clear. Since the original...
  6. Em0Abstracts

    New Owner - What to do Next!?

    Hi All, We recently moved to a new home in the Indianapolis, IN area that came with an approx. 20'x40' in-ground pool. We have been working since late April to get the pool open, clean and ready to swim, but still experiencing some issues that could use the expertise from the folks here. Let...
  7. E

    Cloudy pool since opening day ! Help

    I’ve been back and forth to three pool stores multiple times this month. Has me use alkaline, calcium, clarifier, flock. Now back to super shocking. Still constant cloudiness but no algae Help! Hardness 250 Total chlorine .5 even after shock last night Feee chlorine .5 Ph 7.6 Alkaline 120 Cya 40
  8. C

    Pool Extremely Cloudy

    Hello All, I am a brand new above ground pool owner (27' diameter, 18,500 gallons, sand filter). I have been reading pool school and working to clear my pool but am not having any luck so far. I am attempting the SLAM process, and so far the water has turned from green to blue, but is...
  9. scader

    Salt clouds

    I've been adding salt to my pool for 5 years now, and don't recall this kind of reaction when adding it. I added three, 45lb bags. For more details, my pool opened half-drained from a leak. So I had to re-add (through city and some help from rain water) 10,000 gallons. Naturally, all my...
  10. J

    Post Floc, Still Cloudy-HELP!

    Hello guys. First post here. This is the second summer that I have had my pool. This summer has been a night mare trying to get the chemicals right. We’ve only swimmed in in once and I’ve had it opened for about 6 weeks. The chlorine will not keep. It hasnt gotten above 1 ppm if that. Most of...
  11. T

    Cloudy/green pool

    I have a 22x52 above ground pool with a intex sand filter. I didn’t have it covered through the winter. I have scrubbed the floor/walls, got all the debris out I can, vacuumed the floor, and shocked it multiple times. The water started off dark green/brown. After shocking it, it turned cloudy...
  12. J

    Cloudy Blue Water and First TF-100 Test

    Hi, I been having cloudy water now for 2 weeks so I decided to order a test kit. My TF-100 test kit just got delivered so I ran a test. Btw I double checked all my measurements. FC 8.5 CC 0.5 CYA 70 PH 7.8 I have a newbie question can I dump all the test pool water back into the pool if...