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Feb 7, 2021
Afternoon all
I am new to this forum - and having submerged myself in the content -
I realize the more info I add in my message - the better the feedback - I have not started the project yet - and would like to get some feedback on the plumbing - since 3 different builders have 3 different options
Plumbing cost makes up such a small portion of total costs - that I want to make sure I have it spot on
Pool details as follows (concrete inground )
Length 32 feet
Width 11 feet
Depth 3.9 to 5.9
4 return jets
dual main drain
2 skimmers
I have attached a rough draft - of what I think will be the optimal layout -
Any feedback or direction will be greatly appreciated


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Jul 7, 2014
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Looks good to me, except your skimmers... I don't like the two skimmers on the same wall. I would put them on perpendicular walls. In theory they should be on the walls that the wind would normally push the debris.

I like the return loop and where they are located. The whole idea is to be able to force the pool water to swirl like a toilet bowl when flushing, but obviously much, much slower.

Not sure if you plan to use ball valves or they are just in the drawing, but we almost never recommend ball valves. I would recommend Jandy style never lube valves.


Jim R.
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Feb 7, 2021
Thanks, Jim

The reason for the 2 skimmers on 1 wall is that the one wall will be raised by 500 mm (above ground - because of the slope in the backyard ) and a skimmer cannot be installed on the second wall
Wind direction will push towards the bottom left of the diagram skimmer 1
Skimmer 2, in essence, will then pick up leftover debris ( In theory :) )
Hope that makes sense - again your feedback will be appreciated

As for the Jandy - that is a definite yes - just used the ball valves as an indication
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