Advice from someone with experience


May 24, 2019
Melbourne, FL
QUICK BACKGROUND = We've lived in our pool home for one-year and our levels are always spot-on. I check and adjust every M, W, & F. We've never shocked and never done more than add a little acid or alk increaser. Recently we've had some serious rain, and our FC zeroed out for a day. We've been struggling to get FC above 2 for a week with SWG set at 80% for 9hrs per day. Last night I dumped in 2gal of year-old 12% liquid.

STATS = As of this morning 7/30, here are our stats:
FC = 2
CC = 0
TC = 2
BRO = 4
PH = 7.4 (was 8+ before adding acid last night)
ALK = 90
CH = 225
CYA = 30
PHOS = 0

QUESTION = I'm going to drop 64oz of 6% bleach in tonight. Does anyone with more experience have any advice?