Acceptable PSI Pressure Test on Plumbing

BB Texas

Jun 5, 2012
Part I:
What is the acceptable PSI range for the pressure test on new construction pool plumbing?
The manifold consists of sch40 2" and 2.5" pipes for pool, spa, water fall.

Information seems to vary but typical operation will have 10-15 psi and could spike as high as 20-25 psi.
I've read proper testing should be done with a margin higher than any expected pressures typically 35-40 psi and it should hold for at least 24 hrs. (FYI: there is no regulated standard here since pool construction is unregulated in TX.)

Part II:
The deck installer ripped up 2 pipes with the bobcat.
Plumbing was repaired but the pipe/fittings were slightly pulled out of the gunite when the damage ocurred.
If the pressure test of 40psi over 24hrs holds should I be concerned about any unseen damage/stress on the pipes?



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You have it just about completely figured out. I aim for 30 to 35 psi for 48 hours, but anything between 25 and 40 would probably work. One think to keep in mind is that it is much better to pressure test with water than air. With only air in the pipes the pressure will vary dramatically with temperature, making slow leaks difficult to detect.