Above ground pool wiring setup

Jun 4, 2012

I just installed a 18ft round above ground pool and currently working on my deck. I am very much a DIY guy and did 90% of the work so far myself (with the exception of the liner and water).

I wired to a twist lock receptacle mounted to the ledger board of the house for the deck and do not have a timer installed yet. I wanted to know if anyone can post up pictures or explain how they wired their pumps/filters. I wanted to put a light switch on the underside of the deck where its easily accessible to turn the pump on and off for cleaning and maintenance. Did anyone do anything like this? The outlet is such a pain to crawl under the deck and reach to unplug, it would be much easier to just flip a switch. Yes, the switch would be in a weatherproof box.

Also, while on the topic, any reccomendations on timers? This is my first pool and while the deck is still open, I would like to head off some of these issues now.