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Jan 23, 2021
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Yeah but that's just supply. When I lived in Illinois, my distribution costs were just about the same as electric if not more, for a total of about 10-11 cents/kWh. Your monthly electric bill should outline your total cost per kWh, but if your supplier is different than your distributor your bill should outline both supply and distribution costs separately. My current distributor is also my supplier, they don't split out cost of electric and distribution on my bill, but the total is 11.4 cents/kWh. On your bill you have to add up (and maybe subtract) all of the line items for price/kWh. This snippet of my bill is one of the fewest numbers of line items I've seen on a bill, I had close to ten line items I had to tally up in Illinois to get my total price/kWh.
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I'd be shocked if anywhere in the US had under 10 cents/kWh, my understanding is the Midwest has some of the lowest rates around. Illinois has lots of nuclear plants, rest is coal with plenty of in-state reserves, and a growing number of wind farms too. Illinois is the 3rd-largest exporter of electricity among states in the US.
That got me thinking because I haven't seen an electric bill at least a paper one in years. I just logged in and did the math adding up the generation and the distribution. I'm at .08389/kwh.
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