Above Ground Ladder Replacement Steps


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Jul 21, 2010
I'm trying to replace some treads on my above ground ladder and not having much luck finding them. At one time I was able to go to my local parts store and they had them in stock but they said they no longer carry them.

My ladder is an older A-frame one consisting of two aluminum poles on each side about 1.5 inches in diameter. The outside swings up.

The parts I am able to find all fit between the poles and have half circle shaped cutouts on each end with bolts that bolt in from the sides of the poles. The ones I need have a hole through them on each side and are white molded plastic with aggresive tread lines on the top. The bolts go through the steps and poles from front to back at the holes. There are 4 steps per side and the bottom step on the inpool side does not have holes that go all the way through but more like cups that fit over the bottom of the poles.

Not sure if this will work but the steps are shaped similar to below
| |
| O O |

The are actually tapered instead of rectangular and obviously the holes are much bigger.


Does anyone have any idea where I can find replacments for these? I hate to give up on a perfectly good ladder.


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Jul 10, 2009
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Do you know the brand of the ladder? It may help if you can post a picture of the ladder and the individual part you are looking for.

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