Abandoned Pool - Suggestions Please


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Aug 14, 2013
south east Arizona
another pro on the solar cover - and the whole reason they keep the water warmer - less evaporation, which may be a real concern for a big pool in a drought-prone area. I generally deal with the hassle of removal and replacement more at the ends of the swim season and just leave it off when it is really hot as the water gets too warm for me. I agree it kind of kills the mood, and the water is prettier without, but a compromise could be to just have it on at night and take it off in the morning. they really do make a difference in temperature retention in a dry climate, though.


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Jun 13, 2017
Rochester, MN
I love my pool without its cover. But I hate the heat loss when the air temperatures are low overnight. For most of the summer, we cover at sunset (or later if we're still swimming) and uncover at sunrise.


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Jun 16, 2019
they really do make a difference in temperature retention in a dry climate, though.
My cover consistently kept me 5 degrees up in a hot/wet/humid climate. When i was still using my heat pump it cut the electric usage in half. As a matter of fact, it worked so well i kept it and kept using it until the day it popped. If it was the least bit so-so, i would have pitched it in an instant.


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Jul 16, 2019
Walnutport, PA
Frog Logs crack me up. 🐸 I don’t have a need for one, but hats off to those that use them. :salut:
I bought 2 for our pool just when the digging started. As soon as it was almost done and water was in, I put them in. I thought the PB was going to strain a muscle so hard with the massive eye rolling he did when he saw them the next day. HA!


Dec 26, 2019
NE Oklahoma
FROG LOG!!!! That is hilarious! And I am probably going to have to get one or two. We live at the edge of the city on 1.5 acres and have a pond, not 150' from the edge of the pool. One of the things I have thought about is frogs and snakes in the skimmers. First time my son see's one of those when he lifts the skimmer lid, I'm gonna have to put him in counseling! :ROFLMAO:

Glad I stumbled into this thread! It was great to see the end result of this one, very nice!

And as a bonus, I got to see everyone's must have's for the pool area! I am making a list so that we can start stocking up on the 'necessities'!!



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Jul 8, 2015
@Dirk ... So you must keep your pool heated year round to just jump in whenever you are in the mood. :oops: Here in my corner of Central Cal, I don't use my cover in the summer, it stays un-neatly pilled in the corner when its warm enough to be called the swim season.. Otherwise I use it to keep the heat in when I am heating it for a party or if I know there is going to be a wind storm and I want to catch the stuff off the redwoods before it reaches the bottom and clogs the "walkin-around" (that's the kids term for the pool sweep)


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Nov 12, 2017
Central California
Well, one of my first pool improvements was a solar water heater, which extends my season a bit, and makes for more comfortable swimming mid-season. Next was PV solar, which together with the solar heater allows me to heat my pool virtually for free. Plus, the pool's water temp tracks pretty closely to my "mood" for swimming. I don't much like getting in when it's cool out. When the air temp is warm enough for me to want to swim, so is the water temp. Which is why a cover wouldn't be of much use to me. No debris issues here, either. The landscaping seems to cooperate with my pool and its cleaner. I just kinda lucked out with my setup. But I am "caught." I do tend to project what works for me onto others. It's a good reminder: everybody's pool environment is unique, and they have to find what works for them...