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Thread: Winter Carnage - New Filter Recommendation?

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    Winter Carnage - New Filter Recommendation?

    I live in southern Virginia, and we usually only get 1 - 2 weeks of below freezing weather (not consecutive). The past few winters, I just turn on the pump at night if it is getting too cold, I don't blow out lines and drain the pumps or anything.

    The other night, I turned it on as usual.. in the morning I glanced out the window to see a puddle, and went out to find water spewing from the filter and a giant crack in the plastic of the filter. Photo attached, although it's hard to see:


    I think this filter (Hayward DE 60sqft) was original with the pool (20yrs old), and had it's issues... broken clamp nut that I rigged with a replacement, and the grids were leaking a little bit of DE in the pool. But I was cheerfully ignoring these problems.

    Question - do you think it froze inside and split, even though the pump was running? Or did perhaps the pressure get too high? (the pressure was around 20, clean is 11 or 12 for this setup, I was going to backwash one of these days...) If this was freeze damage, should I be fully winterizing the pool instead of just running the pump for freeze protection, or did I just not turn it on soon enough in the evening?

    Second question - any recommendations on a new filter? I'm leaning towards another Hayward DE (DE6020) because I could keep the multi-port valve that I just bought and installed last summer, and I believe the connections would be identical (no need to re-plumb). Or is this a good time to consider alternatives? People seem to like the Pentair Quad DE, which has cartridges, but uses DE as well. Or yet another choice might be the Hayward Perflex line (EC75A which has the ability to bump the filter). With either of the latter choices, I would probably have to re-plumb and need a different multiport valve.

    I was just hoping for a little information based on experience before I pull the trigger on a new filter. Oh and yes, money is a concern, although I'd be willing to spend a bit more if I had a good justification. And I would prefer to install this myself.


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    Re: Winter Carnage - New Filter Recommendation?

    I doubt seriously you were at fault. I "winterize" my pool exactly as you do yours without incident. Moving water has to get really, really cold to freeze.......I suspect you weren't even close. It is also difficult to get much over 30-35 psi out of a pool pump and virtually all filters should withstand 50 psi so I think you were OK there as well.

    My guess is that it simply got old and tired (like me ) or a previous defect is showing itself.

    I am a sand filter guy so I am not the one to recommend one of the cartridges or DE's but you'll get some good responses here shortly.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Winter Carnage - New Filter Recommendation?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    I think it was just the filter's time to go (20 years is pretty good for a filter, especially if it's outside all year) - it's just a coincidence that it happened after a cold spell. I assume that you are using the recirc option on the multiport for cold nights until you can get the filter replaced.

    I would say to stick to the DE 6020 - it matches up with the new multiport and you are familiar with it. Also, if you get a whole new filter, you'll have some parts from the old one that can be used as spares (especially the grid cluster - if you ever have the pool turn into a swamp, you can use the old one to clean up the mess without having to get the new ones icky) Of course you could just get the tank bottom and a new clamp, but those are 2 of the more expensive parts if you're buying a-la-carte, besides, if the bottom suddenly failed, who's to say what might go next?

    I would steer away from bump filters, you loose the waste and recirc options, which I find to be useful.

    You can of course go with a different manufacturer, it would require a new multiport and some minor replumbing.

    Well, there's my $.02 on this... good luck whichever way you go! We'll be here if you have more questions.
    Luv& Luk

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