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Thread: Need Intelliflo to Intellitouch HELP !!!!!!!

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    Need Intelliflo to Intellitouch HELP !!!!!!!

    I hooked up my intelliflo but when i go to the equipment screen of the intellitouch to find the pump it is not there???? I double checked wiring it is on comm port 1 if it makes a difference. the pump's address is set at factory default 1 man i dont get it need help. Its just not talking what is the trick??????
    thanks jason

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    Re: Need Intelliflo to Intellitouch HELP ! chem geek where r u

    please someone give me a solution

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    Re: Need Intelliflo to Intellitouch HELP !!!!!!!

    Sorry im having some trouble understanding the problem. Which model intelliflo? Does your pump work when you press the buttons that are on it (1-4 settings) or does it not function at all? I havent been in the back of an intellitouch board for a month so I cant tell yuo off the top of my head if comm port one is correct. Did the intelliflo ever work from intellitouch?

    Comm port one is correct if it is also the spot where your antenna is installed. You should have intelliflo wires, antenna, and 1 other set all crammed into one spot on the back of the board. Usually you have to bring one wire back from it then wire nut the rest to those leads.

    Another thing to look at is that intelliflos seem to ahve an issue with GFCI breakers. They shut down after a few minuts of opration on them.

    hope this helps. Get back to me with details and whether it has worked as you have it or not.
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    Re: Need Intelliflo to Intellitouch HELP !!!!!!!

    sorry for the lack of info. the pump is the vf. it seems that the pump works perfectly it just wont communicate with the intellitouch. according to the instructions when the pump is hooked up to the intellitouch i should be able to go to the wired controller and hit the set-up - equipment and the intelliflo should be listed but it is not. the pump is wired to the control port yellow to yellow green to green the wires are installed along with the wired controller (i dont have an antenna no wireless control) that is working properly. the pump was just installed yesterday and i havnt been able to get the itellitouch to respond to the intelliflo being there at all. The pump is wired to a standard breaker and doesnt appear to have any power issues.
    thanks matthew let me know what you think.

    update: Just got off the phone with pentair and they said my intellitouch was running an older version and that they will send someone to flash my unit.

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