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Thread: Compupool leak

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    Compupool leak

    Seeking for help, I recently installed a Compupool (CPSC 36) SWG. I had to replace the clear salt cover with a new one and compupool sent me two new o-rings and two Flat Washers. I am getting a leak and I tried pretty much everything, I used silicone seal, teflon, etc. but nothing stops the leak. The O-rings are new, therefore there should not be a problem there. any suggestions/advise? Here are some pictures of my problem.
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    Re: Compupool leak

    looks like you have quite a bit of "scaly" build u around those threads...I'd take the unions apart, and clean everything up good. Then reinstall the rubber gaskets and O rings according to your owners manual. teflon tape and/or pipe dope are not needed on these setups. I think your threads are just too gunked up right now creating the leak.
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    Re: Compupool leak

    Thanks for the prompt response, yeap I used liquid teflon as well for sealing the unions and see if that solved the issue but it didn't. I will clean and reinstall and will post results!

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    Re: Compupool leak

    Also look for hairline cracks in the cell housing (clear part). I had a crack in mine on the end where the cell is installed and could never get the leak to stop. Compupool sent me a new one under warranty...
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    Re: Compupool leak

    yes, I inspected the housing, it is a new one and it is in good conditions...

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    Re: Compupool leak

    I used the liquid teflon the stuff that looks like marshmellow. You need to use a lot and only hand tighten the outer black rings. It is not a great design to say the least.
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    Re: Compupool leak

    I cleaned everything (removed the teflon) and all other stuff; I corrected the leak on the (return) pipe, but now I have a big leak on the inlet pipe. I have tried everything. I also tried using the O-ring and washer simultaneously but that does not solves the issue. I will try to upload the pictures later... It is very frustrating, this salt system is awesome, but my previous equipment was way superior on the design for this type of connection....

    I hate to have a leak and waste chemicals and salt!

    I have no cracks on the pipes or the housing (new housing), O-rings and washers are new (there should not be an issue) So has anyone else experienced a similar issue, how did you solved it?

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    Re: Compupool leak

    contacted compupool and they will be sending me a different set of O-rings so that I can try. I will wait for these and post results...

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    Re: Compupool leak

    Got the replacement O-rings yesterday and installed them today and finally no leak!! I am a happy customer!!!!!

    thanks to all for our advise and knowledge, it is greatly appreciated!!!!

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