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Thread: What's around your pool?

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    What's around your pool?

    Found her today. The shell was over 12" long. She did not go for a swim....

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    Big ole snapper...

    I found a plain yellow belly turtle just under 12" in my empty pool a couple weeks back. It must have taken a good tumble dropping in...
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    Didnt have my camera at the time, but Friday there was a snake about 4ft long. he went kind of nuts when i threw water on him
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    Here I'm thinking you mean...patio furniture, that kind of thing. LOL
    This week we had a muscrat actually in the pool. Now, that was an adventure in living trying to get him out.
    I had visions of my brand new vinyl liner in shreds.
    After chasing him around with the scoop....and just annoying him, we finally just left him alone and he left.
    It was rather freaky though to pull back he cover and see this large dark object go flying through the pool.
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    We had a snapping turtle trying to get in our front door 2 weeks ago....

    My son is always finding toads by our pool. The worst thing I ever pulled out was a dead baby bird.
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    A few years back I woke up to find two stray dogs in the pool. They were treading water on top of the solar cover. They couldn't get themselves out. They had collars on and finally I was able to yank them out by the collars. They had rabies tags and we called the vet on the tag with the number. They said the phone number of the owners was disconnected. We guessed they moved and set the dogs loose. I think that they would have drowned if it wasn't for the solar cover. As it was they turned my nice clean pool a filthy brown. They got a nice bath out of it!

    Another time I came home after a long and tiring day to find a dead possum swirling around in the bottom of the pool. I was so drained that I couldn't fathom how I was going to deal with it. I left. When I came home a few hours later the pump had switched off and the possum had floated to the top. I was able to use the net to get it out of the pool and into a garbage bag, without having to touch the thing.

    Never a dull day with a pool.

    1984 vintage 16x32 Doughboy vinyl AG w/deep end, Sand Filter

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