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Thread: Can / Do automatic pool vacuums accellerate erosion / wear

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    Can / Do automatic pool vacuums accellerate erosion / wear

    I just moved into this house about 8 months ago and the pool seemed to be in nearly perfect condition. I presume that the previous owner did not have an automatic pool cleaner b/c the house came with all the stuff to do it 'manually' such as a pole, hose, vacuum head, brushes, etc. I believe that the previous owners actually had a 'pool guy' that came out and maintained the pool regularly. The pool is approximately 10 years old and it appears to have a 'Diamond Brite' surface. When we first moved in, the bottom surface appeared nearly flawless. At that time, I purchased a Hayward Navigator automatic pool cleaner. It has run pretty much at all times the pool pump is on, which is about 6 hours/day on average. It's been several months since I've been using the pool and I'm beginning to notice several areas where the bottom surface of the pool appears to be worn away (pitting). There's no particular pattern, just some splotchy areas. So I'm wondering if the automatic pool cleaner had anything to do with this? It seems as though the pool was (nearly) perfect before using tha automatic cleaner and now it's starting to look pretty bad after only 8 months.

    While I won't bet my life on it, I'm pretty certain I would have noticed this amount of pitting if it had been there from the beginning. I swam in the pool a lot when we first moved in and one of the things I was so pleased about was it's condition. The pitting that I see now is so noticeable that I don't see how I could have every missed it. And admitedly, I've didn't pay much attention to the pool for about the last 6 months until recently. I've pretty much just added a jug of chlorine here and there and other powder chemicals as directed by the local pool supply shop where I bring a water sample about once a month.

    I've spoken to Hayward as well as 3 different pool supply stores and all unanimously claim it cannot be the fault of the vacuum. I realize the surface is getting old and probably wearing thin but I believe that the vacuum may have simply accelerated the wearing out of the surface even though it will have worn out eventually - probably a little later though than so soon.

    Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Can / Do automatic pool vacuums accellerate erosion / wear

    The friction between pool surfaces and where the cleaners touch can cause wear.

    However, if you're describing it as "pitting", that's almost always the fault of poor chemical balance. Posting a set of test results may give an indicator unless the pool water has since been brought into line.

    Anything is possible, but I would bet on the pool water balance as the culprit.
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