1st Try of Pool Math


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Aug 27, 2019
Just entered my pool data for the 1st time: 22600+/- gallons, Plaster, 2.5 FC, 8.0 pH, 60 TA, 400 Hardness, 125 CYA. Guessing 75degF and using test strips. I think it calculated a -.2 CSI and offered congratulations, I can't get software to recalculate, so I'll delete and renter to confirm Is there suggestions for additives or other suggestions in the software? Why does it show a 10-16 FC Target - did I mess something up?




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May 3, 2014
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If you subscribe, your data is stored.

To get to the addition portion, touch the parameter you wish to adjust, say FC, while in the Overview screen. It will take you to where you can input your target FC (the app will suggest a number, which you need to see if it is what you want to use), then you select what chlorine you will be using and it will tell you how much.
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Jul 16, 2010
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Also with subscription, not only does it store your data (additions, logs, maintenance, notes, etc.) you can also set it to share with TFP and all your logs will show in the forum. If you touch/hover over my screen name, you can see how that works (blue Pool Math button, bottom right).

You don't have to subscribe to get your calculations/addition recommendations as Marty noted above.
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