HI all,

I'm preparing to get a SWG system, and thinking about going with the AquaRite system. One challenge I have is in identifying a long enough stretch of pipe to accommodate the cell/flow switch install. From looking at the installation youtube video, I have just enough room to install the cell vertically, just above the return valve. For the flow switch, I do have a horizontal stretch of pipe that bends just above the vertical return section but I would only have about 4 inches of straight pipe feeding into the flow switch. The video says to make sure you have at least 12 inches in front of the flow switch, and so I am wondering how important it is to have the full 12 inches of straight pipe. Is this just general guidance to safely cover all cases of flow rate or a strict requirement? Anybody have thoughts on this? Proven installs with less than 12 inches? My installation would end up being way more complicated if I need to adhere to the 12 inch rule.

Thanks in advance for the great advice I always get from the TFP community!