water balancing

  1. Q

    Ozone system pool water

    Hi, we just installed a new ozone pool system using chlorine as a secondary sanitizer. Instructions are to check chlorine, pH and alkalinity levels but do I need to balance the calcium and cyanuric acid levels too? Can't find anything online or in the manual about this. Thank you for your help!
  2. G

    Trying to balance

    I just opened on May 4th. My current numbers are: free chlorine 2.5, CC .5, total alkalinity 120, ph is low between 6.8 and 7.2. I use the Taylor test. I took a water sample to the pool store on Wednesday to see what their levels showed and they said my phosphates were high 4000, iron was .1...
  3. V

    New pool owner help!

    I am a new pool owner. We bought the house in January. Me not knowing anything hired a pool company to open my pool. We have a auto cover and the pool was dirty but the water was clear. When they left the pool was super cloudy and they didn’t clean it well. Still a ton of leaves and dirt...
  4. JessB412

    Test results....now what?!

    Ok, so I've been following this page a year and have read and watched so many videos I was totally thinking I was ready to take on the water chemistry. TFP breaks it down and it looks so easy! lol Well I still think it will EVENTUALLY be easy but now I'm just overwhelmed and learning something...