raypak 406a

  1. gatorson

    Raypak Conversion Professional series Propane to Natural gas

    OK Guys, I have an interesting situation. I currently have a 15 yr old Raypak 406a P-M406A-EN-C natural gas that needs replacement; it fires up properly but the firewall is so old it overheats. Here's the situation - I've found a professional series 409a that is propane B-R409A-EP-X. Would I...
  2. gatorson

    Raypak 406a hi limit 1

    Hi, I'm receiving a hi limit 1 error after the water temperature hits about 95 degrees F. The unit door gets pretty warm to the touch. I recently replaced the unitherm governer but not the bypass. I believe the hi limit is working properly considering the unit itself is becoming warm...
  3. gatorson

    Raypak 406a Main Ignition Failure Heater keeps cycling

    Hello everyone, I have a natural gas 406a Raypak/Rheem heater continuously cycling after starting up. The first time the heater sparks and calls for heat the heater will stay lit for sometimes a couple minutes. After this time period the burners will go out, but the pilot will stay lit...