pool filter

  1. J

    Zero pressure in my cartridge filter

    Nearly zero psi. Return flow looks normal. I just replaced pressure gauge and washed the cartridge filters today but didn’t solve the issue. My pump basket is clean. What else should I check? Please
  2. funrunner

    New to pools; what filter do I have?

    I just bought a house this winter and want to start using my pool. Interested in educating myself about my pool for long term maintainability. I was thinking about calling a pool service using my home warranty for a $75 service call and get them to teach me but a family member referred me to...
  3. C

    DE filter - Basic questions

    I have a DE filter that looks more like a cartridge (Pentair ECDE60). Does anyone know how frequent the DE should be backwashed/filter grids cleaned? Everything I read says when the pressure gauge raises 10 PSI above normal, but my gauge is broken. My filter is so BASIC it doesn't have a...