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Nov 25, 2018
I have a DE filter that looks more like a cartridge (Pentair ECDE60). Does anyone know how frequent the DE should be backwashed/filter grids cleaned? Everything I read says when the pressure gauge raises 10 PSI above normal, but my gauge is broken. My filter is so BASIC it doesn't have a backwash or waste setting. I just open the valve at the bottom of the filter once the pump is turned off, supply and return lines closed, and vent valve opened. Any help on how to backwash this type of filter configuration and/or for future spring pool openings will be greatly appreciated as I probably cleaned my filter 2 dozen times. Granted 18 of those were because I didn't balance my water before SLAMming, or so I figured.


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Jul 7, 2014
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You don't backwash that specific filter... You simple pull the filter cartridge out and hose it off. Reinstall and add more DE..

Filter pressure is very important in determining when to clean the cartridge. Just go buy a new gauge..

Try this one one... I like it because it only goes to 30 lbs and will not freeze in the winter.. Pressure Gauge Glycerin filled 2.5" Rear (Center) Mount

Just make sure you pick the right one for mounting to your filter..

We recommend that you clean your filter when the pressure goes up 25 or 30% over the clean pressure...


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Jan 6, 2010
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Get yourself a new gauge. A low-pressure one, made for pools. You don't need one for an air compressor because you'll never be up into triple digit pressures and the lines are too close together to be any use to you.

Then clean the filter when the pressure on the gauge rises 25% above the clean pressure. If you start at 10 psi, waiting until it raises 10 psi will have the flow almost completely blocked!

The manual says you clean it like a cartridge filter but recharge the DE after reassembly. Sounds like what I do, since backwashing doesn't get it all off my grids.