mastertemp 400

  1. Kihon

    Another.....Mastertemp 400 with AGS LED + Service Heater LED

    Hello TFP experts. I have Mastertemp 400 that's about 5 years old. I have attempted a a deep dive search here and found a few threads that very similar. MasterTemp 400 Heater won't stay running, but it was never confirmed if a new control board solved the problem? Mastertemp 400 - Burner...
  2. 1

    Mastertemp400 cycling in spa mode

    Hey experts, When I turn my mastertemp 400 onto spa mode. It will run for about a minute then turn on a HLS error light. After maybe two minutes light will go off and it will go through the same process again. This issue first started with an E05 error message. I came to this forum to start...