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    Is Bromine safe long-term in Intex Hot Tubs?

    Hello All, I have recently bought an Intex Greywood inflatable hot tub and have been very thankful for this forum. Here there is consistent information with actual logical science behind the recommendations that is so difficult to find elsewhere. I decided to use Bromine for sanitizer since it...
  2. B

    Build separate or spillover spa with existing pool?

    Hi there! I’m renovating my new home in Palm Springs, CA, which came with an in-ground pool (gunnite) but no spa/hot tub. We’re looking to add an in-ground spa and wanted to keep it separate from the pool for aesthetic reasons (the existing pool is kind of an oblong pill shape and it would look...
  3. T

    Chlorine gas released from hot tub water?

    Does anyone know how much chlorine is released from a hot tub as chlorine gas? Obviously, there are a number of variables here so we'll assume perfect water chemistry and FC level. Obviously, chlorine gas is 'suboptimal' for inhalation and I've always assumed (maybe incorrectly) that the level...
  4. T

    What am I doing wrong?

    In January, I bought a house that came with a hot tub (manufactured 2003). The previous owner said it had been sitting empty for a couple of years, but worked fine. Inside looked clean. Filled it up, balanced the water and starting around 3 weeks it was forming a chemical smell and by 6 weeks...
  5. D

    How to configure Pool Math

    When I use pool math for my spa do I label my spa as fiberglass or vinyl? Or does it even matter? My spa is on its own from my pool so it’s a stand-alone cal spa about 425 gallons.
  6. Z

    why is bullfrog spa overheating at 111F

    the past 3 days my hot tub had an error code HH which means high heat. the temp flashed at 111 then when i hit a button it reset and the temp read 95. i first thought this was because dirty filter. i have cleaned the filters the past 3 days best i could in stationary tub because hose and such...
  7. C

    Hot springs hot tub used and black flecks (tiny rocks?) immediately

    We just bought a used hot spring spa and there are sinking black flecks (seem like tiny rocks). They don’t disintegrate upon touching. Any insight? Happened before we even got in it but was clean when we loaded the water. They treated/flushed it before delivery. Thanks in advance!
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    The ugly side of our 60"x44" cedar Great Northern hot tub with vinyl liner (equipment shelter is a project in progress).
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    60"x44" cedar hot tub from Great Northern Hot Tubs with vinyl liner with roll-up cover
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    60"x44" cedar hot tub with vinyl liner from Great Northern Hot Tubs
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    60"x44" cedar hot tub with vinyl liner from Great Northern Hot Tubs
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    Pool Math app recommendation values for spas/hot tubs?

    I'm a new spa owner following the How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)? approach to maintenance. I'm also using the Pool Math app to log my upkeep and calculate any chem additions. I recognize the app is mostly for pool use, but is it possible to change a setting somewhere so that the...
  13. T

    TUBgrime Spa Project (Photo Heavy)

    Hello everyone and Happy Holidays. I have been waiting patiently for a deal and one popped up in my area for a used hot tub. I purchased a 2007 Hot Springs Envoy which is a 5 seater 450 gallon tub off of Facebork Marketplace for 600 bucks. Here's a photo of the listing. The guy selling was...
  14. R

    In Dichlor-Bleach Hot Tub, are weekly chlorine shocks necessary?

    As part of weekly or monthly maintenance in a dichlor-then-bleach hot tub, are chlorine shocks necessary (12-13ppm FC, 30ppm CYA)? Or is it just in response to problems (cloudiness, odor, foaming, etc.)? Just getting over some hot tub rash, so I want to make sure I'm dotting every "i".
  15. R

    SLAMing Hot Tub with Ozonator

    After some hot tub rash, I've been SLAMing my covered hot tub (using the 13ppm FC recommended in the PoolMath app). With 33ppm CYA, I've been raising the FC to 13 ppm 2-4 times throughout the day, testing at the end of the daylight (about 4pm) and then testing again the next morning (about...
  16. R

    Hot Tub Questions

    Hello, I have 350 gal, stand alone, covered hot tub and live in San Diego. I have just refilled my hot tub with hose water for the winter. 1. Do I need to put metal remover in it? 2. I am currently doing the PH/TA Aeration process to get me TA to around 60 or 70. When is the best time to add...
  17. U

    Hot tub controller? What is this?

    Hi, our in ground hot tub has this busted controller that is recessed into the ground. It’s never worked since we purchased the home. Most likely it’s 18-20 years old now. Is this a part that can be replaced? If so, where can I find it and what’s it called? Also, the inside of the pipe it sits...

    Introduction and new owner - Pool and Hot Tub

    Hi everyone, I am hoping there is enough info in the signature to give a background on the recent installation. :) Located just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In 2019, my wife and I decided to redo our backyard. All four kids are between ages 2-11, so we figure it was time we installed...
  19. SCope345

    Spa Size

    We just broke ground and are now under construction! We decided on a 10ft diameter spa.... it looks massive :oops:. Is this too big? What is the average size spa? How many people can we expect to fit in a 10ft round spa? TIA
  20. srhuston

    PoolMath Units question (another one!)

    I read in a previous thread that one can change the units used in PoolMath. I entered my hot tub's volume as 410 gallons based on the owner's manual, but would rather do measurements of additions with metric units - in part because measuring dry chemicals in grams and wet chemicals in mL is...
  21. P

    Best way to heat spillover Spa?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a house that has an inground spa/pool. The spa, when the pump is on spills over into the pool. It came with a solar heating thing, and I was able to fix that (replaced leaky pipe on solar line), but after fixing it, the hot tub doesn't seem to be getting hot...
  22. Cfyfe3199

    Large Deck Extension wrapped around AGP. PICS!

    Hey all, Around the end of March we began a large deck extension project. I live in Rockland County NY, and it's not called Rockland for no reason. Our property is jagged, wet, sloped, and it took 2 months to hammer out the foundation for the house. Lots and lots of rock. So, since I don't have...
  23. S

    New build for 2002 Sundance Optima 850

    So I am finally getting around to building the deck for the Hot Tub and it is going great so far. Engineer designed the 10'x10' deck so that the tub sits about 6" higher than the floor of my main deck. Luckily I had power and spot for breaker within 6', so power was the easiest part. I am still...