Is Bromine safe long-term in Intex Hot Tubs?


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Jun 17, 2021
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Hello All,

I have recently bought an Intex Greywood inflatable hot tub and have been very thankful for this forum. Here there is consistent information with actual logical science behind the recommendations that is so difficult to find elsewhere.

I decided to use Bromine for sanitizer since it has better stability in hot water. I have seen in other threads on this forum saying that Bromine should work perfectly well as a sanitizer in a hot tub, but I have also seen a report here and in a few other places that using Bromine can cause yellowing of the vinyl long-term. There has been so little and inconsistent information that I'm not sure if Bromine is the cause or other factors. I have not set up the tub yet so the chemicals are unused so I should be able to return or resell them without problem.

Has anyone here been using Bromine long-term in an inflatable, or specifically Intex hot tub, and do you have any yellowing? Either way, what chemical regimen do you use to maintain your tub?


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Jun 1, 2018
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I find bromine harsh so i stick with chlorine & use this method 👇
Which definitely shouldn’t discolor the tub since it doesn’t discolor intex pools & they are made of the same material.
Since it is just a “temporary/portable” tub that probably won’t live nearly as long as a permanent tub I wouldn’t be super concerned about it. If you start noticing a change u could always drain & switch over to chlorine.
Hopefully some bromine folks will show up w/ more intel.


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Jun 17, 2021
Maryland, US
Thanks for the input. I'm thinking of starting with Chlorine using that method and then switching to Bromine if I find Chlorine to be harsh.

A little bit more research on my end has suggested that yellowing with Bromine could possibly be caused by poor pH balance, but again there is so little information on this and I can't confirm it. It would be nice to get some reports so other people can have a clear answer too.
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