high pressure

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    Increased pressure and loss of water level in pump

    I have a 15,000 gallon inground pool with main drain/skimmer/(2) returns, S180T filter and a Power Flo LX 1.5SPL pump. I have no problems getting it to Prime and I have zero issues when in recirc or sweeping to waste. I put the multiport valve into filter, runs for about 45 minutes then I see...
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    High PSI Pressure in filter

    I have a Pentair Whisperflo 6 W/DE filter, top manifold. The Breather tube has a hole in the mesh cap. The manifold has a hairline crack. Could this be the cause of the high pressure? The pressure never goes pass 33psi. I cleaned the filter, found and replaced a cracked pump impeller...
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    High Pressure on Hayward S244T Sand Filter

    Just bought a house with a pool, dont really know anything about this. The water is green, when the filter is off, it is at 40PSI, when on it goes up to 50-60 PSI, seems really high. I tryed to backwash but it still stays the same.