1. A

    Intex Krystal Clear Filter Output Seems Low

    Hi All, hope all is well, finally got round to setting up my pool in the garden and setting up my pump, a question the pressure is around 5 on green but seems to be running slow? ive done back washing etc, and it seems to run faster on recirculate ive looked at the sound levle all ok, and...
  2. J

    Hayward Gas Heater Issue

    My Hayward H250FD gas heater was working perfectly until all of the sudden there was a strong smell of gas. Trying to get it going and it goes through the motions as normal trying to start but just won’t. It’s not giving me any error codes and the service light isn’t on. I’ve only been in...
  3. JohnA902

    Stupid Electric Heater Question

    I think I know the answer to this but hey it’s worth you guys calming me down. I have a Hayward electric heater for my pool. I opened today. Water is 55F. ICE. I turned heater on just to make sure it was working. Gave it about 20 min. Put my hand over the return jet and didnt feel any...
  4. C

    Filter strainer issue

    just noticed this afternoon that my pool wasn’t circulating. When I went to the equipment I saw that the pump was on, but water wasn’t Moving through the filter strainer. I also noticed that the heater has a “clean filter strainer” message on it. I opened up the strainer and a couple...
  5. danthedieselman75

    Adding heater to small inground pool

    Hi, I have a small in ground pool ... maybe 12-14k gallons. It was built a long time ago and we have no idea how old it is. But I suspect it is quite old. It has one skimmer and two returns on a 1.5" pipe. The pool equipment is very far from the pool, thanks to someone in the past having...
  6. D

    Heater Plumbing suggestions

    Hi All, Just ordered a new heater to add into my existing system. A Raypak 336k unit. While waiting for the shipping of the heater, I'm trying to brainstorm the best way to plumb it. The heater will sit next to the existing chlorinator where the gas line is as well. Any suggestions?
  7. Mermaid Mama

    SWG & Gas heater that will work on temp & long term pool?

    Hello everyone! Hoping for your advice on the pool we just ordered for the summer with grim possibility of not having community pools for summer. We have plans on building a nice gunite pool by next summer so don't want to buy anything unnecessary twice like heater or SWG. Temporary Pool...
  8. J

    MiniMax NT Replacement with Mastertemp 400

    I'm preparing to replace a 20 year old MiniMax NT with a Mastertemp 400. I bought the Mastertemp, which was delivered yesterday, with the intention of replacing it myself as I've replaced pumps and filters, etc. in the past. Yesterday after looking at the gas connection to my existing heater...
  9. JoyfulNoise

    MasterTemp 400 Failure To Ignite Issue - SOLVED

    I wanted to document this on the forum threads since this issue got diagnosed and solved via PM. First, let me give total credit to our esteemed forum expert @JamesW for helping me to diagnose, test and fix this heater issue. James' help saved me from calling in a "pool service" guy and...
  10. N

    Pentair MiniMax Plus 400 Heater cuts On/Off

    Hello, I have a Pentair Minimax Plus 400 heater. When I turn it on to heat the pool or spa it'll turn on for about 5-10 min then shut off for 15 min or so then turn back on for another 5-10 min then shut off again and it does this over and over. When it shuts off all lights will be on except the...
  11. A

    Hayward H400 Problems

    Hello, Ive read every post on this site and more trying to get my heater working and hopefully someone has the answer here.... so here is the events 1. heater worked flawlessly for years 2. heater stops working , continually blows f2 fuse on power board once blower motor fires up 3. replace...
  12. P

    Paypack Pool Heater -Plasticy/Burning smell when operating

    Hi need your guys help please. I have been noticing a very potent smell from the pool heater when it is heating, which I originally thought was gas but the more I smell it the more it smells like some burning plastic or something like that... The original symptoms before the smell got bad was...
  13. gatorson

    Raypak 406a hi limit 1

    Hi, I'm receiving a hi limit 1 error after the water temperature hits about 95 degrees F. The unit door gets pretty warm to the touch. I recently replaced the unitherm governer but not the bypass. I believe the hi limit is working properly considering the unit itself is becoming warm...
  14. D

    Dual Pool Heaters Pool Build: Plumbing, Pump and Cartridge

    I am a newbie to the forum stuck in the middle of a pool build with some significant concerns regarding future circulation and heating. We have a gunnite shell in the back lot with the stub plumbing (and most of the long plumbing in place). This cannot be altered easily without very significant...
  15. N

    Oasis heat pump efficient to 40*?

    The Oasis Platinum heat pump claims to be efficient to 40*. Does anyone have one of these heat pumps? Is this just marketing BS? I've requested more info but would love to hear from an owner.
  16. jneuharth

    Having Pentair equipment "Work Together" without automation

    Hello Fellow TFP Members! I recently upgraded my pool set up with the following: IntelliFlo VSF (3HP) MasterTemp 400k NG Heater IC40 SWG BioShield UV So far I love it compared to my past equipment. Just setting the flow level on the pump, a heater that can raise the temp of the pool 2 - 4...
  17. Jon123

    Hard brown/rusty flakes?

    Any ideas what these are/what’s causing them? This is the first time I’ve really had the pool open since owning it. I’m not sure if these may be coming from the heater (haven’t experimented yet). I can see the flakes inside the SWG, but that is plumbed directly after the heater, so it could be...
  18. M

    Raypak RP2100 shuts off

    Hello TFP members! My Raypak RP2100 pool heater shuts off after short periods. It ignites just fine. The igniter is fairly new, I replaced it myself a few years back. I had the heater running once this season prior to now and it ran like magic for 24 hours. Nothing (such as valves etc) has been...
  19. G

    Advice Needed - Hayward Heater Pump on Same Timer

    Can anyone provide some advice for me. I was wondering if I would be able to connect my new Hayward HP21254T heater to the same timer (Intermatic T104P3) as my pool pump (USQ1152 - 115/230 volt 1.5 hp). Currently, the pump is the only thing attached to the timer. The timer is connected to a 60...
  20. J

    Heat issue

    Hi, I have a Jandy LXI 300 pool heater for my inground pool. I received fuselink fault error, so i replace the two fuselinks, while i was at it i replaced the surface ignitor. Turned on the heater, it ran, heater kicked on and all seemed well. Until about 20 minutes went by and it shut down with...
  21. M

    Laars LT 250 does not stay lit

    Having a similar issue with Laars LT 250 (natural gas). It has worked fine for 13 years. This year it started igniting intermittently. Now it will not stay lit at all. The surface ignitor glows, the gas valve clicks open, the gas whistles through the orifices, the burners light, but the valve...
  22. M

    Which connector to use with Electric Water heater and above ground pool?

    Hello, I never did that before so I apologize for silly questions but I am trying to increase the tempearture in my pool by a couple of degrees for the kids... I am trying to connect Ecosmart Spa heater to my above-ground intex pool (4500 gallons)...
  23. P

    Best way to heat spillover Spa?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a house that has an inground spa/pool. The spa, when the pump is on spills over into the pool. It came with a solar heating thing, and I was able to fix that (replaced leaky pipe on solar line), but after fixing it, the hot tub doesn't seem to be getting hot...
  24. A

    Syncing Pentair Superlo VS pump with existing Pool Heater

    I bought a house last year with an 18,500 gallon inground pool. My pump just died and the local pool shop recommended the Superflo VS. Will this pump be able to sync/communicate with an existing pool heater so that I don't risk the pump shutting off in one of its programmed cycles while the...
  25. U

    Advice on new Gas Heater Pentair, Hayward, Other?

    Hello all, I purchased a house with an old pool and a lot of old equipment. I've lived here nearly 2 years and the old pool heater has finally bit the dust. I'm hoping to find something reliable to replace it with, but it seems that no matter how long I search, all of the units I've found get...
  26. K

    Can I run the vacuum while the heater is going?

    We bought a gas heater for the pool in our new house. I have been running the Baracuda suction cleaner every other day, can I continue to use that if the pool heater is running? Or will the suction affect the pressure and operation of the heater?
  27. J

    Heater Rust

    Hi all, There's a good amount of rust built up in my pool heater. I've attached a pic with the heater's cover removed, to show you what I mean. Is this normal? If yes, should I be doing anything maintenance-wise or replacement-wise? Thanks!
  28. S

    Second Year Pool Owner

    My family and I just moved to Michigan due to a military move. We have an 18 foot Intex pool. We are considering buying a solar heater for our pool, but I am curious if there is another better, cheaper method to warm the water? Last year it didn’t go above 69°. Also, is there a way to circulate...
  29. A

    Pool Heater, Home Warranty w/pool coverage

    A bit of a long story here, we bought a house late August with IG pool. The house came with a 1yr full HomeOwners warranty with Pool heater/pump additional coverage. Was a bear to get the pool up and clear but I did it (thanks to everyone here) and we enjoyed it until the cold weather came...
  30. T

    Electric Pool Heater

    Hi Team, I am looking to get PV solar panels installed on my roof and I thought: why not have an electric resistance heater installed as well. I have a ~15000 gallon pool with a pool cover. On the forums I am seeing mixed reactions to an electric pool heater. Any thoughts on this ? Does anyone...