flexible pvc

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    Do I have flexible PVC?!

    Hello all... well, I just began the process of re-plumbing my pad. I'm updating all my equipment, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to change the pad plumbing from 1.5" to 2.0". The plumbing had been re-done years ago when the previous owner relocated all the equipment from the...
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    My pool has a leak. I need an inexpensive solution

    Two summers ago, my pool began showing signs of a leak. My pool company did a dive test prior to close and patched a few holes in the liner I thought the issue was fixed but last summer, my pool continued to show signs of a leak. When I opened the pool in late June, the water level was VERY low...
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    Flexible PVC crushed - repair help pls!

    Hi all, My return line is crushed. It's flex PVC and can (obviously) be seen at the top of the first photo. The geniuses who installed the pool (~35 years ago) ran the flex directly on top of rigid and over time, collapsed and pinched the return. I got new flex to continue the run 3.5 feet to...