Flexible PVC crushed - repair help pls!


Jun 5, 2019
Hi all,

My return line is crushed. It's flex PVC and can (obviously) be seen at the top of the first photo. The geniuses who installed the pool (~35 years ago) ran the flex directly on top of rigid and over time, collapsed and pinched the return. I got new flex to continue the run 3.5 feet to the chlorinator (bottom right of second photo). What is the best way to attach flex to flex? Mr. Know-It-All at local hardware store said a rubber coupling with stainless bands would holdup fine underground and I could add PVC primer and cement to hedge my bets. Thoughts?

And no, swapping the flex with rigid isn't an option, so let's not start that debate!

Thank you!



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Aug 10, 2017
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Regular sched 40 fittings is what's used. You need 235 primer for flex its solvent dont use purple primer. Must clean it very well prior to glue I would dig it back further to expose more pipe. I'm not a fan of flex at all I wont start the debate. I see more underneath too in your pic