cya level

  1. R

    Questionable CYA/Slamming/Swimming

    Hey all I have a "what if" scenario.. If you are not entirely sure what the cya level my example Im pretty sure I can't see dot at 40ppm cya so I rounded up to 50 cya...I am slamming at 20ppm chlorine. Now say it really is 40ppm cya and I'm calling it at it safe for my family to...
  2. Nickoskowski01


    How long after CYA fully dissolves should I test it’s level? Seems to take a few days..
  3. J

    Bring up CYA or slam?

    hi, just got back from vacation for 3 wks. Gf added chems while I was gone. I now see some stuff sticking to some of the sides and on steps/loveseat. I think its somewhere between faint yellow and faint greenish. I had her putting in MA and liquid chlorine while i was gone. Test numbers this...
  4. EzriJax

    CYA is zero. Really zero. I attempted to SLAM. Did I ruin my liner

    Hi! I was just poking around the site and I stumbled on This Now I’m going to have nightmares I ruined my brand new liner. 😬 I hired a local pool company to open the pool because it’s my first season with the pool actually up and running. The saga of my pool’s rehabilitation can be found if...
  5. S

    Just opened my dark green swamp pool!

    I closed a perfect pool (20,000 gallon, in-ground, vinyl liner) complete with a floater full of chlorine and a winter pill, and I took the cover off to find a swamp. NJ was pretty warm this winter, so that might not have helped, plus my cover is mesh so lets in sunlight. This is my 2nd year as...
  6. S

    pH Levels and CYA prior to SLAM

    New user and first time pool owner here, sorry if this is the wrong place to post! We opened a pool a bit late and the pool was pretty green. I'm assuming FC level to be 0 due to the algae. I bought the tf100 test kit and we tested TA, CYA and pH last night. Vinyl pool, ~32K gallons TA 160...
  7. matasoj

    Reopening the Pool this weekend for the first time

    Hey Guys - Last year, I started with whatever junk the pool store gave me (including the person dumping a LOT of stabilizer into the pool the very first day). It took me a couple weeks to find this site, and although the water has been perfectly clear all last summer, and even over the winter (I...
  8. D

    Covered indoor pool Combined Chlorine dissipation/distruction

    I have recently started a 3k gal endless pool in my basement. Water was added over 5 days from the municipal water supply. I finished filling it about 5 days ago. I also added about 13 cups of chlorine over the 5 days. My Taylor k-2005 kit was about 15 years old (it's a 2nd hand pool) and...
  9. K

    New pool owner, super high CYA... what to do during off season?

    Hello, Been a lurker for a month! I live in Arizona, and recently bought a house with a pool. The water in the pool seemed ok, but consistently tested high in chlorine and just below "ideal" in pH... after reading here I assumed the CYA was high. After having it tested at a local pool place...
  10. eagle47

    Runaway CYA?

    After being near rock-solid stable all summer, my latest CYA readings are increasing dramatically: 8/21: 35 8/22: 35 8/23: 40 8/24: 45 8/25: 45 8/26: 50 8/27: 60 What could be the cause? The only chemical additions I've made during this time are a half-gallon of LC every night as per my usual...
  11. R

    Zero Chlorine

    Hey all, found this site as a result of googling the issues I've had a with a new (to me) pool. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing regarding pool stuff, but I recently read through pool school and am trying to get started on the TFP method. Grateful for any help you guys can give me...
  12. sadohert

    Interpreting my CYA Level - How much does that black dot really disappear?

    TFP Friends - I think the key question I have here is whether my black dot has disappeared (see picture below)... I have other sub-questions I would love to hear feedback on. If that dot has disappeared, then I'd say my CYA is around 40, which I believe is too low and might explain how much...
  13. S

    CYA levels in 3 month old pool

    New Plaster pool. First season. I use trichloride tabs in a chlorinator. My Cl levels were way high at first. Got a Taylor Test kit and now have that under control. Recently tested the CYA level and was 80. I know it’s in the high level, but Is it that high? Is it possible I got it that high in...