1. MeggieQ

    Pentair Lil Shark in a Coleman pool.....

    Just bought a Pentair Lil shark vacuum, and we have a 18ft Coleman Vista Series 2, but the vacuum hose does not fit.....what type of adapter or skimmer do we need to purchase?
  2. Doodls

    Coleman AGP mid setup top rail movement

    Hi everyone, I’ve been waiting until we were all done to show our pictures of our little project. However we’ve run into something we’re not sure and hoping someone may have some insight. We partially built our deck already and just setup the Coleman pool. We’re not sure if we should be...
  3. TimandCeri

    New Coleman 18' x 48" Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Set Install - Legs not straight

    Hi, All new here this is my first post! I saw another post with the same issue but I do not want to highjack so I am creating a new post. We have spent the last 2 weekends upgrading from a summer escapes 14 x30 frame to the Coleman 18' x 48" Power Steel Swim Vista Series II Swimming Pool Set...
  4. A

    Need advice on building DIY pool fountain for Coleman pool

    We need someone handy to help us figure out the best way to build a DIY pool fountain for a Coleman Power Steel Swim Vista Series pool (the one with Windows). I have attached pics of our intakes, pool pump and returns. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!